Cafe, restaurant and kiosk in hollola

Welcome to Hollola!

Situated in a historical National Romantic log cabin, Hollola’s Old Municipal House is home to a charming café, an inviting restaurant, and the community-centered Kirkonkylä Kiosk. Our café offers fresh pastries and home-cooked meals, making it a preferred destination for food lovers. The restaurant provides exquisite culinary experiences, from daily meals to grand feasts for events. Our kiosk, beyond serving snacks, acts as a communal hub, fostering local encounters and camaraderie.

As of March 2023, the operations of these establishments are helmed by Taru Holopainen and Anni Kotiranta, entrepreneurs with an extensive background in the restaurant industry. Their shared passion for food, hospitality, and the local community breathes life into the cozy atmosphere of these venues.

From casual snacks at the kiosk, a hearty meal at the restaurant, to a calming coffee break at the café, every visit offers not just delicious food, but also a taste of Hollola’s rich cultural heritage. Taru and Anni’s commitment to promoting local traditions and history enhances the unique experience that Hollola’s Old Municipal House promises to every guest.

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Welcome to enjoy traditional Finnish milieu